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A Podcast Player for 2016 and beyond

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Powerful Features
Value Your Listeners

Skip Back & Forward

Enables easy re-listening of the shortest yet most important sound bites.


Enables easy off-line listening and cross-device sharing.

Toggle playback speed

For your power-listeners who squeeze every millisecond out of their day.

Unique & Powerful built-in modals

That allow for sharing on social networks and calls-to-action (automatically triggered).

Fully Responsive

Optimized for Desktops, Phones, and Tablets

Easy & Powerful Customizations

per player (enable/disable all buttons, set custom colors, set smart defaults)

Engage Your Listeners
with tools and gentle nudges

Share Buttons

Who better to spread the word about your podcast than your own listeners? Customize which share buttons are shown, and the headings for each section (globally, and if desired per-player)

End-of-play Call to Action(s)

When the player reaches the end of an episode, listeners are automatically prompted to take an action. Actions include sharing, rating/reviewing, commenting, and giving feedback.

Works on all Website Platforms
It's 2016, after all

The Be Heard! Podcast Player will work on any web platform. That means WordPress, Drupal, Ghost, Statamic, Kirby, Squarespace, any another CMS, any static site generator, or anything else.

With that said, there are two ways to use it once purchased:

WordPress Plugin

The WP plugin harnesses the familiarity of WordPress to make the player easy to install and customize. It works on WordPress versions 3.8+.

Universal Bundle

Don't use WordPress? No problem. The universal bundle has you covered. You will need a text editor to install it, but we've worked hard to keep the process as simple as possible.

Supports Your Podcast Host

The Be Heard! Podcast Player will work for your podcast, no matter where it's hosted. You give it a URL to your episode's .mp3 file, it takes care of the rest.


The Be Heard podcast player uses modern html5 and JavaScript. It supports all latest browsers and IE 9+.


Whether someone visits your site on a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or other (well, except for watches and microwaves) they receive a first-class listening experience.

once, use forever

Need Something Custom ?
Hire us, the folks who know the player best

For tasks that are beyond the scope of the included support (such as a custom installation of the universal bundle, rare edge-case customization needs, or perhaps something else) contact us by clicking the button below. We offer professional services at a very reasonable rate.

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